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Our Melbourne chiropractors have had the reputation of being excellent care providers. Our treatments feature non-invasive, natural care with the Melbourne chiropractor, which have always been safe and effective for patients to regain optimal health and to be alleviated from painful symptoms. That's why our Melbourne chiropractors are considered a family chiropractic care center.

Each practice is predicated on a close examination of pain and dysfunction. After studying the countless chiropractic techniques doctors perform, the Melbourne chiropractors have selected the best of them to treat our patients. Your health is our priority and each Melbourne chiropractor provides the most accurate diagnosis.

We will not stop until our Melbourne chiropractors have worked with you to achieve your overall health goals. The Melbourne chiropractor envisions the re-creation of long-term health, in addition to relieving pain and symptoms. Melbourne chiropractors also want to build a connection between the effectiveness of chiropractic with your goal of ultimate health and wellness. Every Melbourne chiropractor and clinic employs breakthrough technologies and nutritional guidance and education to its patients.

The Melbourne chiropractor is proud of their capability to serve the special needs of each new patient and going beyond their anticipation. If you're thinking about seeking chiropractic care want to schedule a consultation with one of the Melbourne chiropractors, give us a call today! The Melbourne chiropractor is available to help you. Call now!

Welcome From Dr. Brett Greenwald
Dr. Brett Greenwald

Brett Greenwald, D.C., of Space Coast Health and Wellness has been providing chiropractic services to patients at Space Coast Health and Wellness for 17 years.

The Background and Development of Chiropractic Care: The Basis for the Training of Chiropractors
The history of chiropractic care is long. As far back as 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., Chinese and Greek literature mentioned spinal manipulation as a pain reduction method and treatment of the lower...
Behaviors that Will Induce Upper Cervical Aches and Natural Methods that Possibly Be Helpful
Starting at the base of your skull, your cervical spine (also known as your neck) is made of seven vertebrae. The vertical spine holds up your head, a heavy ordeal considering it weighs quite a bit...
Pinpointing Subluxations of the Spine as well as Knowing Rehabilitative Choices
A "subluxation", in chiropractic terms, equals a dislocation of the vertebrae that negatively affects its functioning. The dislocation's spot allows your doctor of chiropractic to determine where...
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